Latin Workshop Day

Latin Workshop Day with the incredible World, European and UK Champions Petar Daskalov & Zia James


*Limited spaces available*

Open to all dancers (couples & solos) but please check with your teacher first!




NATD Anglian Qualifier Ipswich

NATD Anglian Qualifier Ipswich

NATD Anglian Area Qualifiers Ipswich 26th March 2023

What a fantastic day the Essex Academy of Dance had on Sunday at the brilliant NATD Anglian area qualifier event. The event was so smoothly ran by the Anglian Area committee, super adjudicators, and brilliant music all day- a real highlight in our competition calendar 📅 

Our students & supporting team mates had a blast and seeing the friendships and camaraderie that you all have with each other is a wonderful sight to see✨ 

Sunday’s competition was filled with a very high standard of dancers and we were really pleased to have taken home a huge amount of silverware and is showing that hard work is paying off, our results were: 

🥇- 34 

🥈- 15

🥉- 11

🏅 4th to 6th- 22

And big congratulations to our newly qualified members joining our list of already qualified students in Blackpool this year: 

Alicia Lane

Darcy Lane

Beth Rawlings

Amy Johnson 

Zoe Bates 

Susan Smith

Stacey Lane

Carl Webb

Steve Richardson

Steve Carpenter

We are super proud to have you join us in Blackpool this July! ☀️ 

One last qualifier event to work towards now (23rd April!) and get those final few team members qualified and heading up the M6 with us & another chance for all our other students to practice their Blackpool dances before the big event!✨

A huge thank you must go to our dedicated staffing team for their support, energy and expertise on Sunday: Janine, Rianna and Nico. We are extremely grateful for you all.🙏🏼

Well done to all and now let’s get back to the hard work and continue to smash our personal goals in the studio! 

#25DaysTillTheNextOne 💪🏼

Herne Bay

Herne Bay

Herne Bay 29th January 2023

What a wonderful Sunday Team EAD had yesterday at the brilliant Herne Bay dance competition run by the lovely Karen Day and her fab team✨

This was our first invited school competition of 2023 and a fantastic start to our new competitive season!

Our full team of students were not all with us yesterday (and you were all very missed!) but even without the entire squad we came home with a huge number of trophies:

23 🥇

19 🥈

14 🥉

23 4th-6th 🏅

6 Semi Finalists ✨

Some superb results across the board in both teacher/student and couple’s events and we saw such great improvement & confidence from you all out on the floor! 👏🏻

A huge thank you to our principal Janine and the teaching team for partnering yesterday, we are lucky to have ALL of you! ✨

The countdown is now on for our NATD Examination Day on Sunday 26th February

so, keep up the hard work, commitment and practice and be ready to smash those exams! 💪🏼

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NATD Anglian Area Qualifier

NATD Anglian Area Qualifier

NATD Blackpool Anglian Area Qualifier 23rd October 2022

Congratulations to all our students who took part in the NATD Anglian Area Qualifier on 23rd October…what a super day it was!✨

A huge thank you to Helen, Nick and the Anglian area committee for running a wonderful competition day- we all had such a fantastic time at this brilliantly run event, we already can’t wait for the March event!📅

We are all very proud of how you danced and there is massive improvements being shown out on the floor- keep practicing, working hard and the results will come to you!💪🏼

A total of 86 qualifying places in the Ballroom & Latin sections are now secured for our students for next year’s Medalist of the Year event, so we hope you have all booked your hotel’s!👀

As always a thank you must go to the team who work very hard all day partnering our students at these events and an extra big thank you to our Principal, Janine, who we all wouldn’t be there without!✨

NATD Blackpool Medalist of the Year 2022 Part 3 – Adult Results.

NATD Blackpool Medalist of the Year 2022 Part 3 – Adult Results.

NATD Blackpool Medalist of the Year 2022 Adult Results


Our second “Spotlight Piece” is all about our wonderful Adult competition squad- we had 20 ladies and gentlemen to this year’s Medalist of the Year after they qualified back March 2022. 

We are so beyond proud of each and every single one of you for how brilliantly you danced this weekend. You have worked so hard on the build up to this event and your dedication, perseverance & commitment has been unparalleled. And to all those first timers we took with us we were so impressed with how brilliantly you navigated the day and stayed super calm (or at least didn’t show those nerves😉) all day!

Our fantastic results across the Adult’s Solo Teacher/Student events: 

16-24 Bronze Ex Junior Lady- Quickstep & Jive


Quickstep- 5th 🏅

Jive- 6th 🏅

16-24 Silver Lady- Tango & Samba


Tango- 5th🏅

Samba- 3rd🥉


Tango- SF⭐️

Samba- QF⭐️

16-24 Gold Lady- Foxtrot & Rumba 


Foxtrot- 4th🏅 

Rumba- 6th🏅

16-24 Gold Cross & Bar- Foxtrot & Rumba


Foxtrot- 3rd 🥉

Rumba- 4th 🏅

25-34 Pre Bronze Man- Waltz & Cha Cha 


Waltz- Champion 🥇

Cha Cha- Champion 🥇 

25-34 Gold Cross & Bar Lady- Foxtrot & Rumba


Foxtrot- Champion 🥇 

Rumba- Vice Champion 🥈

35-49 Pre Bronze Lady- Waltz & Cha Cha 


Waltz- SF⭐️ 

Cha Cha- SF⭐️ 


Waltz- QF⭐️

Cha Cha- SF⭐️

35-49 Pre Bronze Man- Waltz & Cha Cha


Waltz- 3rd 🥉 

Cha Cha- 3rd 🥉 

35-49 Silver Lady- Tango & Samba 


Tango- Champion 🥇 

Samba- Champion 🥇 

35-49 Gold Lady- Foxtrot & Rumba 


Foxtrot- Champion 🥇 

Rumba- Champion 🥇 

35-49 Gold Cross and Bar- Foxtrot & Rumba 


Foxtrot- Vice Champion 🥈 

Rumba- Vice Champion 🥈 

Over 50 Pre Bronze Lady- Waltz & Cha Cha 


Waltz- Vice Champion 🥈 

Cha Cha- 4th 🏅 

Over 50 Pre Bronze Man- Waltz & Cha Cha 


Waltz- Vice Champion 🥈 

Cha Cha- 5th 🏅


Waltz- 3rd 🥉 

Cha Cha- SF 

Over 50 Gold Lady- Foxtrot & Rumba 


Foxtrot- 4th 🏅 

Rumba- 4th 🏅 

Over 50 Gold Man- Foxtrot


Foxtrot- Champion 🥇 

Over 50 Gold Cross & Bar Lady- Foxtrot & Rumba 


Foxtrot- Vice Champion 🥈 

Rumba- Champion 🥇 

Over 50 Gold Cross & Bar Man- Rumba


Rumba- Vice Champion 🥈

Over 60 All Grades Mixed- Tango & Rumba

Lorraine 💃 

Tango- Champion 🥇 

Rumba- Vice Champion 🥈

A FAB-U-LOUS set of results from all our Adults- you did us and yourselves so proud!❤️ 

Here are some pictures from the weekend of  these lovely adults 📸

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